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Ром Brugal Papà Andrés


Цена: 1500 $


Год: 2013

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Описание Ром Brugal Papà Andrés

Был выпущен ограниченным тиражом 500 бутылок в марте 2013года!
Only 500 bottles of the ultra-premium expression, priced at €1200/US$2000, will be released initially next March as a 2013 limited edition under the name “Arcos” – also coinciding with the company’s 125th anniversary.

Named in affectionate tribute to Brugal company founder Don Andrés Brugal, Papà Andrés was originally created for and consumed by five generations of the Brugal family on special occasions, with just a few bottles sold at charity auctions.

The rum is taken from a private reserve of casks kept for more than 100 years in Brugal’s cellars in Puerto Plata, on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.

The small portion of rum drawn off for Papà Andrés is replaced with a selection of aged rums chosen by Brugal’s maestros roneros (master blenders).

But the style has evolved over the last decade, with rum aged in European Sherry oak barrels also introduced into the blend – a technique borrowed from Brugal’s sister Edrington brand, The Macallan single malt.

The rum is packaged in a crystal decanter inspired by Dominican art, housed in a gift box also containing a booklet explaining the rum production process.

“Papà Andrés is a rum which has evolved through the passion, care and expertise of five generations of master blenders, all of whom have been members of my family,” said Franklin Báez Brugal, Brugal president.

“Each year they have produced a unique rum bottling to celebrate the legacy left by our founding father, Papà Andrés. This year for the first time Brugal Papà Andrés will be shared with a select group of people who know and love our fine rum.” http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2012/10/edrington-launches-new-1200-brugal-papa-andres-rum/

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